Before We Get Married, A Taiwanes Drama You Will Love to Watch

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It's like a common myth elsewhere that if one's going to get married,  disagreements may happen. Some are terrible and cause separation permanently. Some peeple considered it to happen normally, even if it was rather big than usual. Before get married, everything may happen and we should be allert for bad thing happen. Is it true? Before We Get Married tells about this and that. Things that may ruined the plan of marriage. 

Maybe the overflow of emotions before the wedding day make the bridge ask more questions about what he/she is about to do. A big step in life can be so frightening too. 

This is what Zhou Weiwei feels when her dream of marriage is about to come true.

1. Story of Weiwei-Haoyi

Zhou Weiwei has a big secret in his office. She has a boyfriend at work. Something that is very forbidden there. Dating a colleague means losing a job. Get fired. 

Her boyfriend is from another division. His name is Li Haoyi. They have been dating for 3 years and during that time they have had a mature and detailed plan for their lives even into their old age. The follow the plan strictly. Spend 150 yuan a day and save the rest. Something nearly impossible for their position at work. Weiwei is a manager in marketing and Haoyi is and R&D technician. 

Dating secretly, combining income for a dream house, and a proper marriage, become the "fire" that fuels their relationship. Haoyi has a good job at the new office, they have a dream house, and a wedding is prepared, they begin to question their feelings.

Haoyi works so hard that the new house feels empty for Weiwei. He invested a large amount in the stock market without discussing it with Weiwei. That makes Weiwei very angry. Not because  their detailed plans fell apart, but because she feels like she is nothing to Haoyi. She is questioning her life and step back, take her own life far from him.

That is the main story of Haoyi-Weiwei before get married. Not mention Chu Kehuan, the other of their relationship.

2. Story of Kehuan-Ziyuan

Chu Kehuan is the best stock trader. He is a candidate for CEO. Handsome man, rich, and famous. An idol of girls. Kehuan never minded how much money was spent everyday. Cash comes easily.

Her girlfriend, Gao Ziyuan, prepare their wedding secretly. Kehuan never propose her, not mention to marry her. He ask to break up sveral time but Ziyuan never listen to him. She lived is her own dream.

Ziyuan is an impulsive buyer and always has a reason to buy something as a present. Every worker at Kehuan’s office receives her gifts. She is loved by everyone, even the HRD’s wifes. That makes the Kehuan-Ziyuan relationship about to break.

That's the second story of wedding preparation in Before We get Married.

3. Story of Kefei-Dawei

Han Ke Fei is Weiwei's best friend. Her room mate and they share living expenses.

An unique figure and enlivens the story. Very famous for her bad character, because of her s”x activity. People would quickly assume her prostit*tes for nothing. She has attended Kehuan secret parties several times. She targeted Kehuan as a future man, not to marry, but simply to live as a rich girl. 

When she realizes that her best friend loves her target, she moves to another target, from Yan Baiyang to Liu Dawei. Liu Dawei succeeded in changing her view of marriage. They are married in the end.

Who is he? A character that will make people stay away. A gossip men who work casually seem not afraid of being fired. Haoyi's close friend because the work desks are close together. Spreading gossip at work because you are diligent in asking the truth of a gossip. Hoax spreaders accidentally tell stories. Actually, he is a rich man from a rich family. He works casually to enjoy his life.

How about the story of Weiwei and Kehuan? That is the main story, actually.

4. Story of Kehuan-Weiwei

Kehuan, as he says in the opening, “money means nothing to him”. His view was tested by Weiwei who wholeheartedly chased a taxi invoice of 100 yuan. When he found out that the daily budget of a beautiful girl is only 150 yuan, he was shocked. Something impossible to him.

He chased Weiwei. Offered her 8 million to spend a night with him. Weiwei agreed. That will speed up her plan to have a house with his boyfriend. Nothing happened that night, even their feelings for each other are growing up. He has reason to leave Ziyuan - who turns out to be Weiwei's best friend in college. 

Weiwei never commits her feelings because she wants to fulfill her dream. She chooses a normal life with Haoyi, gets married and keeps working for their next dreams. When she realized that Haoyi wanted her to become a simple housewife, she rejected it. She left Haoyi and Kehuan to become the new Zhou Weiwei; a person who knows what she wants, does what she likes and loves her own life. She wants to be Zhou Weiwei 2.0. 

How about her love for Kehuan? You should watch Before We Get Married. It’s a worth to watch drama. Find in video on demand WeTV, iQiyi, MangoTV or other VoD you love.

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